Top Requested Information

  1. 2016 Budget Information

    View the proposed general fund budget documents by the town manager for 2016.

  2. Cemeteries

    Concord is home to the infamous Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, in addition to other burial grounds.

  3. Environmental / Energy Concerns

    There are many ways to create a healthier and more energy efficient environment in Concord and in your own home. See ways to preserve land, exchange recyclable gods, safely dispose of waste, recycle plastic, conserve water, and more.

  4. Property Policies

    View details on chapter land applications, driveway permits, property forms, records cards, and right of way permits.

  5. Road Maintenance

    Access pertinent information on the Town's upkeep of roads and road projects; snow plowing, winter sand; as well as stormwater management.

  6. Taxes

    Peruse abatement applications, assessment information, excise taxes, exemption information, and more.

  7. Tree Information

    Learn about dangerous tree and plant species; public shade tree planting policies; and tree protection.

  8. Using GIS Maps (PDF)

    This Top 10 Maps Online document has interactive features to learn more about their operation.

  9. Assessment Information

  10. Property Tax Information

    Learn more about paying property taxes in Concord.

  11. Birth/Death/Business Certificates

    Most vital records are kept by the Town Clerk.