Important Documents

  1. Annual Reports

    View the Town Report of Concord by section.

  2. Budget & Finance

    Better understand the specifics of important budget and finance topics in Concord.

  3. Bylaws

    View Town, zoning, sign, personnel, and wetlands bylaws.

  4. Charter, Laws & Policies

    Access the Town Charter, Open Meeting Law, special acts of the legislature, and more.

  5. Elections & Voting

    Find important information about voting and elections.

  6. Minutes and Agendas

    Find a list of all board/committee meeting minutes and agendas available.

  1. Other Reports & Documents

    View miscellaneous documents relative to current and past matters of the Town.

  2. Plans

    Better understand various plans pertaining to the development of Concord.

  3. Subdivision Rules & Regulations

    The Town has adopted these rules and regulations governing subdivisions.

  4. Town Meeting

    Better understand information regarding town meetings in Concord.

  5. Town Manager Reports

    View a compilation of departmental reports updating the community on the activity of their local government.