Charter, Laws & Policies

  1. Administrative Policies & Procedures

    View documents pertaining to administrative policies and procedures.

  2. Conflict of Interest

    Enacted in 1962, the conflict law’s goal is to promote confidence in our government and in the integrity of its officials.

  3. General Laws of Massachusetts

    Learn more and view the various parts of the general laws of Massachusetts.

  4. Health Codes & Regulations

    View various regulations and codes at the state and local level regarding inspections and Health Division matters.

  5. Massachusetts Fire Laws & Regulations

    Learn more about the Massachusetts fire laws and regulations and what this means for Concord.

  6. Open Meeting Law

    Massachusetts adopted in 1958 its first open meeting law applicable to governmental units at the state, county and municipal levels.

  7. Public Records Law

    The Massachusetts Public Records Law provides that every person has a right of access to public information.

  8. Special Acts of the Legislature

    The following information pertains to special acts of the legislature and what the acts mean for Concord.

  9. Town Charter

    View documents regarding Concord's Town Charter.

  10. Traffic Calming Policy

    Concord's Traffic Calming Policy creates an application process for residents requesting access control and or structural improvement to their streets due to excessive traffic speeds.