Concord Police Department Officers and Staff

Officer / Staff Name Rank / Position Email
Joseph F. O'Connor Chief of Police
Thomas M. Mulcahy Captain
Joseph B. Morahan Lieutenant
Denise S. Caruso Senior Administrative Assistant
Jodi M. Geary Senior Department Clerk
PATROL DIVISION              
Paul E Flynn Sergeant
Joseph R. Connell Sergeant
Christopher J. Troiano Sergeant
Kevin P. Monahan Sergeant
Kevin P. Walsh Patrol Officer
Gerard P Mearn Patrol Officer
Timothy R. Landers Patrol Officer
Sylvia M. Toumayan Patrol Officer
Robert S. Capone Patrol Officer
Charles D. DiRienzo Patrol Officer
Michael C. Burgess Patrol Officer
Brian M. Soll Patrol Officer
Damon C. Reinold Patrol Officer
Ronald C. Holsinger Patrol Officer
Tia E. Manchuso Patrol Officer
Sean P. Roberts Patrol Officer
Kallie C. Koppenal Patrol Officer
Robert Dolins Patrol Officer
Gregory P. Mailloux Patrol Officer
Michael J. Vangelist Patrol Officer
Roy P. Mulcahy Patrol Officer
Joshua M. Bordenca Patrol Officer
Christopher Gulino Patrol Officer
Mark E. Hatfield Patrol Officer
Luke A. Rennie Patrol Officer
Brian H. Goldman Detective Sergeant
Paul A. Morrison Detective / Prosecutor
James M. Forten Detective / Information Technology
Scott J. Camilleri Detective / Community Services
Keith A. Harrington Detective / Firearms License
Jeffrey P. Young Detective
Jeffrey D. Shelley Inspector
Nancy L Campbell Dispatcher / Supervisor
Richard E. Landers Dispatcher
Anthony R. Marabella Dispatcher
Gary O. Arenburg Dispatcher
Sean Connell Dispatcher
Robert L. Savolt Dispatcher
Timothy W. McGonagle Dispatcher
Benjamin LaCure
School Crossing Guards    
Cindy Palma Thoreau School  
Robert Windheim Willard School  
Cindy Guarracino Alcott School  
Robert Foss Alcott School  
Anna Willis Thoreau School  
Mary Clover Alcott School  
Anita Raffa    
Mary Cornett