Fire Prevention, Permits and Inspections

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  1. Open Burning Permit & Information

    Access important information about open burning and how to obtain a permit to do so in the Town of Concord.

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  2. Permits

    Learn more about the process of applying, paying for, and receiving permits from the Concord Fire Department.

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  3. Place of Assembly Fire Safety

    Learn about Massachusetts Building Codes as they apply to plays and other fire safety rules and regulations for locations where many people assemble for a variety of reasons.

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  4. Residential Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Inspection

    Massachusetts General Law mandates that upon the sale or transfer of any residence, the local fire department must inspect the residence for carbon monoxide alarm compliance.

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  5. School Fire Safety Information & Forms

    Review Massachusetts school fire safety regulations and forms related to fires and drills at schools.

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