Monument Street Water Main Replacement Project

General Contractor

N. Cibotti, Inc

Project Contact

Valerie Doerrer
Public Works Engineer - Water Systems
Phone: 978-318-3250


Project Schedule

Fall 2016 - Construction begins in early October and is scheduled to be completed by the end of November


Program Background

Concord's water distribution system consists of over 130 miles of water main ranging in size from 6-inch to 16-inch.  The associated infrastructure (mains, valves, hydrants.)  have been installed over a period of 100 years. To maintain safe and reliable service, this aging infrastructure must be replaced or rehabilitated systematically.  Replacement/rehabilitation projects are prioritized based on age, condition and material of pipe.  The program is further refined to complement other public works initiatives such as annual roads and drainage improvements as well as CMLP underground initiatives. 

Project Overview

The existing 8-inch cast iron water main in Monument Street between Liberty Street and approx. 800' north of Red Coat Lane was installed in the early 1930's.  After 85 years the water main has been in service well beyond it's useful life as evidenced by the history of water main breaks in recent years.  The project, valued at approximately $300,000 involves the replacement of approximately 1,600 linear feet of existing 8-inch water main with a new 12-inch cement lined ductile iron water main.    

Scope of Work

The replacement of approx. 1,600 linear feet of existing 8-inch water main with new 12-inch diameter CLDI water main including the installation of three (3) hydrants, four (4) main isolation valves and seven (7) service connections within the project limits.  Drainage improvements consist of the replacement of three (3) catch basin structures and the installation of one (1) new drain manhole structure.  Following the installation of the water and drainage the utility trenches will receive a permanent pavement patch.


N. Cibotti Inc. has completed the installation of the new section of water main. During the week of October 24th Cibotti will be installing individual service connections and completing the work required to connect the new section of water main to the existing water main in Monument Street.   In order for these final connections to be completed a water service interruption will be required that will affect customers on Monument Street between Red Coat Lane and the Carlisle Town Line.  Notification will be provided to customers who will be affected by a planned water service interruption.   

Please be aware that work will be conducted on Saturday October 22nd.  All other construction activities will be conducted Monday through Friday.    During construction activity traffic along Monument Street will be restricted to one alternating lane and delays should be expected.  Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes.
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