Boards & Committees E-L

  1. Emergency Planning Committee

    The Concord Emergency Planning Committee works to provide comprehensive resource management, to include the areas of operations, planning, logistics and finance to the Town of Concord in the event of a hazardous materials incident.

  2. Energy Future Task Force

    Better understand the Energy Futures Task Force and their work for Concord.

  3. Estabrook Woods Access Study Committee

    Learn more about the Estabrook Woods Access Study Committee and their work for Concord.

  4. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee is the principal financial advisor to the Town Meeting. It is a deliberative rather than a decision-making body.

  5. Financial Audit Advisory Committee

    Better understand the Financial Audit Advisory Committee and their work for Concord.

  6. Hanscom Area Town Selectmen (HATS)

    Hanscom Area Town Selectmen (HATS) is an alliance of the towns of Lincoln, Concord, Lexington, and Bedford, Massachusetts, Focused on Hanscom Air Force Base, the MassPort Air Field, and other regional matters.

  7. Hanscom Field Advisory Representative

    1 person is chosen by the Selectmen to be Concord's representative to the Hanscom Field Advisory Commission.

  1. Historic Districts Commission

    The Historic Districts Commission is charged with determining the appropriateness of exterior architectural features of buildings and structures to be erected within the historic districts.

  2. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission was created by an Act of the 1973 Town Meeting to "identify and safeguard for posterity the unique physical attributes of the town, as exemplified by the various sites, buildings, and other edifices of historic, literary, architectural, or archaeological significance to Concord."

  3. Housing Authority

    Discover meeting information and membership details for the Housing Authority.

  4. Hugh Cargill Trust Committee

    Consisting of 5 members appointed by the Select Board, this committee assists the Board by receiving and processing applications for funds from Concord residents with emergency financial needs.

  5. Junction Village Funding Advisory

    Better understand the role of the Junction Village Funding Advisory Committee and their role in Concord.

  6. Library Committee

    The Library Committee provides policy guidance, acts as a liaison, and recommends organizational methods.