Boards & Committees T-Z

  1. Tax Fairness Committee

    The Tax Fairness Committee provides a mechanism for thoughtful and public examination of the issues surrounding local taxation.

  2. Tax Relief Committee

    It is the task of the Tax Relief Committee to solicit donations for property tax relief for Concord residents in need.

  3. Traffic Management Group

    The Traffic Management Group (TMG) was created by the Town Manager to facilitate review of resident inquiries on traffic and parking and to develop programs and processes for review.

  4. Trails Committee

    The 2004 Concord Open Space and Recreation Plan identified the need for a Trails Committee to aid the Town in trails issues and facilitate processes related to them, and to advise on various trail issues.

  5. Trustees of Town Donations

    The Trustees of Town Donations manage and dispense all real and personal property donated to the Town.

  6. Wastewater Planning Committee

    View details of the Wastewater Planning Committee and their work in Concord.

  7. Wastewater Task Force

    View details of the Wastewater Task Force and their work in Concord.

  1. West Concord Advisory Committee

    The West Concord Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the Planning Board, was formed pursuant to recommendations from the West Concord Task Force whose work provides the foundation and guiding vision for West Concord Advisory Committee agenda.

  2. West Concord Task Force

    The West Concord Task Force is responsible for assisting in developing and bettering Concord.

  3. White Pond Advisory Committee

    The White Pond Advisory Committee is a 5-member committee appointed by the Select Board to review and analyze the concerns of the White Pond neighborhood.

  4. Willard School Building Committee

    The Willard School Building Committee is charged by the Select Board to oversee the design of the proposed new Willard School building as authorized under Article 42 by the 2006 Annual Town Meeting.

  5. Youth Coordinator Advisory Board

    Access meeting information, membership details, and more for the Youth Coordinator Advisory Board.

  6. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Board acts on Variances and Special Permits as prescribed by State law, as well as the Zoning Bylaws of the Town. The Board hears and decides appeals by any person aggrieved by an inability to obtain a permit or enforcement action from the Building Inspector.

  7. Zoning Bylaw Re-codification Committee

    The Committee's primary responsibility is to review the Zoning Bylaw and make specific recommendations to the Planning Board for improvements in the language, format and organization of the Bylaw.