Junction Village

Parcel Chosen

On January 28, 2013, the Concord Housing Development Corporation (CHDC), a nonprofit organization with the charge to promote affordable housing opportunities throughout the Town of Concord, took title to a 12.8 acre parcel of land located off of Winthrop Street bordered by the Massachusetts Correctional Institute at Concord to the north and the Assabet River to the east. This parcel was conveyed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to CHDC with the condition that it be used solely for open space and affordable housing. View the deed and legislation authorizing the sale (PDF).

Developing & Permitting

The parcel has been identified in a number of Town plans as a site for affordable housing including the Housing Production Plan and the West Concord portion of the Village Center Study. The parcel is currently zoned Industrial Park A; therefore, the developer will need to apply for a comprehensive permit from the Concord Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) or have the parcel re-zoned.

Specific Backing

Please note that (at this time) more than 10% of Concord's housing stock is considered affordable by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, therefore, decisions of the Concord ZBA are not subject to review by the state Housing Appeals Committee. The successful project will seek the support of CHDC, the Planning Board, and Select Board.


The Planning Board was requested to make a recommendation to the Select Board and give guidance to the CHDC as to the appropriate course for development of this parcel. We have provided links that are intended to provide helpful information on the project.