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Business Directory

  1. Concord Business Information

    This form will provide us details about your business that will allow us to add you to our Business Directory.

General Government

  1. Automatic Amusement Device Application

    The applicant hereby applies for an Automatic Amusement Devise in accordance with the provision of the State relating hereto and... More…

  2. Electronic Green Card

    The Town of Concord depends upon the immense talents of its citizens to help govern. We are always seeking interested townspeople to... More…

  1. Communications Questionnaire

    Have a few moments? Please let us know how you receive your information.

GIS - Geographic Information Systems

  1. GIS Help Desk-Employee Support Request

    Employees should use this form when requesting GIS assistance including the creation of new maps and/or the modification of existing... More…

Land Use, Conservation & Building Divisions

  1. Complaint Form
  2. Expanding Building Department Hours

    If the Building Department expanded office hours to open 1 hour earlier at 7:00 a.m. and extended evening hours one night a week until... More…

  1. Conservation Land Use Permit

    The Division of Natural Resources endeavors to preserve open space for the enjoyment of the community and to protect water, land,... More…

Liquor Licenses

  1. One Day Special Liquor Licenses

    Application for one day special license for the same of wines and malt beverages/all alcoholic beverages.

Police Department

  1. Child Seat Installation Request

    Use this form to request a child seat installation

  2. First Responder Emergency Database Information Form

    This form is used to update Police and Fire emergency database to improve and aid services in case of an emergency.

  3. Letter of Good Standing Request
  4. Request for Incident Report

    This form is used to request copies of specific Incident Reports and or Log Entry

  1. CodeRed Do Not Call Form

    Complete Form to be removed from the CodeRed Notification Syatem

  2. First Responders Student Information On-Line Form
  3. Request for Background Check

    This form is used to request a local internal database background check for any and all involvement of the requesting party. It DOES... More…

  4. Request for Traffic Enforcement

    Use this form to request traffic enforcement for a specific area