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Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)
Heating Systems
Forced Hot Air Furnace - Comfort Plus
Heating Season Cost Comparison*

  • ETS— boiler/furnace 46,263 kWhs…$2,776
  • GAS— 1,765 therms …$1,942
  • OIL— 1,339 gallons …$5,222

* For 3,000 square feet of heated space.  Fuel costs as of March 2014.
Read What Concord ETS Homeowners Say About ETS
ETS Heating Systems — How They Work
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems are a heating alternative to high heating bills and other less efficient heating systems. This high-efficiency heating choice is growing in popularity in North America and Concord, because it provides consumers with affordable and dependable heat. ETS heating systems efficiently convert low-cost, off-peak electricity to heat and then store the heat in ceramic bricks housed in the system for use in your home or business 24 hours a day.
Outside air temperature is monitored with a thermostat which regulates heat delivery, and the heat stored in the ceramic bricks is released when called for by the thermostat. The amount of heat stored is also regulated in relation to weather conditions.
ETS systems are available in many storage capacities and configurations depending on your specific heating requirements – whether you need a room heater, a centrally ducted forced hot air, or a forced hot water heating system.
ETS Heating System Efficiency
In a stand-alone configuration, an ETS system is 100% efficient; for each unit of electricity consumed by the system, it produces an equal amount of heat energy. An ETS furnace can be used as supplemental heat to a heat pump. When combined with an Air Source Heat Pump, the efficiency can be as high as 200%. The ETS furnace/heat pump combination is one of the most economical heating and cooling options available.
Lower Electric Rates When Demand Is Low – You Save Money
Electricity is more expensive during certain times of the day — known as peak demand hours or on-peak hours — when we all use a lot of energy to operate hair dryers, air conditioners, pool pumps, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and computers.
Off-peak hours are those hours during the day or night when electricity is low cost and plentiful due to low demand, so Concord Light can supply electricity at a reduced rate. During the hours Concord Light determines as off-peak, the electric elements in the ETS heating system store heat in the ceramic bricks.
The rate for Concord Light residential customers is $0.14327 per kWh versus the off-peak rate of $0.06000 per kWh. ETS heating at these reduced rates provides considerable savings on your electric bill as compared to alternative heating options such as gas or oil as shown on the chart above.
ETS Heating System Rebate and First Year Guarantee
For additional savings, Concord Light offers its customers a rebate when an ETS heating system is purchased and installed (this applies to both new customers and existing customers who upgrade or replace their systems). We will credit your account $100 for each kW installed.  For example, if you purchase a 35kW boiler, you would receive a credit on your account for $3,500 (35kW x $100).
We also offer a first year guarantee on your ETS heating system. If you are not completely satisfied with your ETS heating system during its first heating season, Concord Light will remove it at no charge and reimburse you the invoice price for the unit(s) excluding installation and electric service upgrade costs.
Other Benefits of ETS Heating Systems
  • Clean, reliable, and safe  
  • Stable and predictable rates
  • Requires no routine maintenance
  • No need for a carbon monoxide detector
  • No house chimney required
  • Reduces overall peak demand and power costs in Concord
  • Environmentally friendly; reduces heating emissions
  • Smart grid and smart meter ready
Your ETS Solution
Contact Carole Hilton at 978.318.3158 or for more information about ETS systems. Determining the appropriate size and model of ETS systems for your needs is a little different from conventional heating units and important to ensure optimal comfort, efficiency, and installation costs.
For a free quote based on your specific heating requirements, here are two local contractors who are trained to install and support the ETS systems:

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