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Rebates/Renewable Energy/Conservation
Renewable Energy/Conservation Success Stories in Concord

To read about renewable energy / conservation success stories in Concord, Click Here.

Rebate Programs for Your Home and Business

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate Application in Excel format; in PDF format For PV installations, Concord Light offers rebates of $625 per kW AC of installed, capacity, capped at $3,125. The following forms will need to be signed and forwarded to Concord Light with the rebate application:

For Commercial solar PV installations: 1)  Rebate Terms & Conditions; 2) Commercial Interconnection Application.

For further information on Concord Light's residential net metering rate, please review the Residential Net Metering with Banking Rate Schedule . For further information on Concord Light's commercial net metering rate, review the General Service Net Metering Rate Schedule.

Save money with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating systems - Concord Light offers its customers a rebate when an ETS heating system is purchased and installed. We will credit your account $100 for each kW installed.  For example, if you purchase a 35kW boiler, you would receive a credit on your account for $3,500 (35kW x $100) ETS Rebate Application.

Rebate Programs for Your Home

Home Weatherization RebatesThrough the Green Your Heat Program, Concord Light and Concord's Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee (CSEC) are currently providing rebates of 50% of the cost of eligible weatherization measures, up to $1,000, for oil, electric, propane and wood heating households.
Natural gas-heating households may be eligible for weatherization rebates through Mass Save.

LED Bulb Rebate Application Concord Light encourages the use of energy efficient products and offers rebates for LED light bulbs. Residential customers may receive rebates for up to thirty (30) bulbs. Don't forget to recycle your used LED bulbs at the CPW or here at the light plant!

Rebate Programs for Your Business

High Efficiency Lighting Program – To make your lighting upgrade affordable and easy, Concord Light offers rebates of up to 50% of your lighting upgrade cost and the option of using our pre-qualified lighting contractors.

Energy Efficiency Services

Services for Your Home

In collaboration with Concord's Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee (CSEC), Concord Light is pleased to offer the Green Your Heat Program to all residential customers. The Green Your Heat Program offers an array of services:

For all Concord Light residential customers:
  • Advice on how to lower high electric bills. Call Sagewell, the Green Your Heat Program Administrator, at 617-963-8141 or request a call. If a phone conversation doesn't answer your questions completely, Sagewell will send a specialist to your home at no cost to you, to examine your electricity uses and recommend ways you can save.  
  For Concord Light residential customers who heat with oil, electricity, propane or wood:
  • A free, on-site weatherization review of your home to determine if insulation, air sealing or a programmable thermostat is needed. Visit to schedule your review.

  • A quote from a pre-qualified contractor who can complete the weatheriztion work that you need.

  • A rebate of 50% of the cost of weatherization measures, up to $1,000. Funds are available for approximately 150 rebates, on a first come, first served basis. Visit to get started.

  • Advice on whether to upgrade to a more efficient heating or air conditioning system, and assistance getting quotes from qualified contractors, if warranted. Contact Sagewell here or call 617-963-8141.
For Concord Light residential customers who heat with natural gas:
  • weatherization reviews, rebates, and pre-qualified contractors who can complete the weatherization work that you need;
  • Advice on upgrading to a more efficient heating system, along with financial incentives for doing so.
Visit or call 1-800-632-8300 for more information.

Services for Your Business

Concord Light offers full-scale energy audits at substantial discounts for all business customers. Please call (978) 318-3151 for details.

More Energy Efficiency Tools…

Prioritizing Home Energy Efficiency Projects and Practices – Which actions save the most money…and the least? You might be surprised!

Understanding Energy Efficient Light Bulbs  –  Use these resources for help in choosing among the growing number of energy efficient options available for home lighting.

Tips for Hiring a Heating or Air Conditioning Contractor – Looking to replace the heating or air conditioning system in your house? Check out these tips for identifying potential contractors, evaluating their proposals,  and signing a contract.

Appliance Calculator - Curious to learn how much your refrigerator is costing you each month to operate?  Our Appliance Calculator can help you determine the operating costs for virtually every electric appliance in your home.

Online Energy Audit - Interested in learning where your home's energy dollars go?  Try this online tool to find out.

More Energy Resources for Residents - The Department of Energy's "Energy Savers" website offers a wealth of information about making your home more energy efficient.

Energy Resources for Businesses - Links to a variety of helpful websites for large and small businesses alike.

Degree - Provides information on heating and cooling degree days that will help you determine the effectiveness of the energy efficiency improvements you've made to your home or business.  


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