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Millbrook Tarry Task Force
Contact TypeContact Information
141 Keyes Road
First Floor
Concord, MA 01742
(978) 318-3290
(978) 318-3291
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

GIS map of Millbrook Tarry site
GIS map of Millbrook Tarry site
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Committee Members
Kate Barrett
Stanly Black
David Brownell
Daniel Gainsboro
Joanne Gibson
Paul Mahoney
Susan Miller
Gina Nasson
Jeffrey Young
Charge for Millbrook Tarry Task Force

General Purpose
In response to the proposed redevelopment of the Millbrook Tarry and the recommendations contained in the 2007 Village Center Study and the 2005 Comprehensive Long Range Plan, the Planning Board is appointing the Millbrook Tarry Redevelopment Task Force to review the project plans submitted (and as they may be amended) and make recommendations to the Planning Board about the proposed redevelopment of the Millbrook Tarry site in its context and relationship to the surrounding properties in commercial and municipal use, the nearby residential neighborhoods, the historic Concord Center business area, and the Mill Brook corridor. The Task Force shall identify ways to enhance and improve this Lowell Road and Keyes Road “gateway” to Concord Center, to promote a village neighborhood scale for the redevelopment of the property, improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation and connectivity to the historic center, and promote the enjoyment of and protection for the natural resources.

Project Scope
The core area of the Millbrook Tarry shall consist of the following Assessor parcels: 1682-1 owned by the Town of Concord; 1682-2 owned by Millbrook Tarry Condo Association c/o ELAW Group; 1683 CD owned by various condominium owners; and 1685 CD owned by CKJB Trust and Milltarry Offices Registered LLP; which are bounded by the Mill Brook to the southeast, Lowell Road to the northeast, and Keyes Road to the north, west and southwest. Where appropriate, the Task Force will consider impacts on this core area as they may relate to other parts of Concord Center.

The work of the Task Force shall include:
  • Review the proposed project plans for redevelopment of the Millbrook Tarry site, as they may be revised and amended.
  • Review past reports prepared by town committees, town officials, state agencies and consultants, including but not limited to the November 2012 Millbrook Tarry  Workshop reports, the 2005 Comprehensive Long Range Plan, 2007 Village Overlay study, 2010 Housing Production Plan and the 2013 Parking Management Plan.
  • Identify pedestrian and vehicular circulation issues to provide a framework for use in improving overall accessibility to, through and around the site. The framework should address pedestrian movement, bicycle links, walking trails, sidewalks, streetscapes, traffic signals and signage, and identify circulation, parking and access (including handicap access) concerns.
  • Become familiar with the land use and environmental history of the site; identify key issues and needs relative to redevelopment that supports the local economy, protects the environment and enhances community vitality; analyze alternative development scenarios (prepared by the owner and others) relative to density, mixed uses, accessory uses, affordability, circulation and parking, and other concerns; help identify possible zoning bylaw amendments (which could include an overlay district, form-based code or the adoption of M.G.L. Ch. 40R) to support the redevelopment of the Millbrook Tarry site.
  • Seek the input of Concord Center residents, business owners, property owners and others by conducting citizen information meetings and workshops to elicit public comments and input.
  • Make recommendations to the Planning Board regarding the proposed Project Plan for redevelopment of the Millbrook Tarry site.
The work of the Millbrook Tarry Task Force is not intended to replace the regulatory framework of the Zoning Bylaw, the Wetlands and Rivers Protection Acts, Historic Districts Certificates of Appropriateness and Public Works Regulations, and other such regulations but to provide a forum for community discussion about and public input to the proposed redevelopment for the Millbrook Tarry site.

The Task Force will be supported, as appropriate, by Town staff and departments, including Planning and Land Management (Planning, Natural Resources, Historic Districts and Health), and Public Works (Engineering). Requests for Town staff assistance should be made through the Town Manager. In addition, the Task Force should cooperate with and seek the opinion (as appropriate) of other Town boards and committees, including the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Public Works Commission, Natural Resources Commission, and the Historic Districts Commission. Paid planning consultants may be retained to assist the Task Force with the approval of the Town Manager and if funds are available.

In making appointments to the Task Force, it is the goal of the Planning Board to identify qualified candidates who represent a variety of backgrounds and interests, with a majority of the individuals having a tie to Concord Center.
Members shall be appointed for a term of one year subject to reappointment at the discretion of the Board. The Task Force shall consist of 9 voting members and one non-voting member, with preferred backgrounds as follows:
  • Person with architectural or planning experience/expertise
  • Person with historical or preservation experience/expertise
  • Person with natural resources experience/expertise
  • Person with legal experience/expertise in real estate, land use or planning law
  • Person with economic development or real estate experience/expertise
  • 1 Concord Center business (or business property) owner (must also be a resident)
  • 3 Concord Center residents
  • Planning Board representative as liaison (non-voting member)
It is anticipated that other interested citizens will be asked to participate in the discussion and to assist with various assignments related to the mission of the Task Force.

Target Time Frame
Charge and appointment of Task Force - March 20, 2013
Development of work plan - May 15, 2013
Presentation of initial recommendations to Planning Board - September, 2013
Warrant articles to Town Meeting for Zoning Bylaw amendments December, 2013
Target for project completion, and adoption of recommendations by appropriate Town Boards by 2014 Town Meeting.
The Millbrook Tarry Redevelopment Task Force will be dissolved at the end of the 2014 Annual Town Meeting.

Other Considerations
The Task Force should elect a chair, who will preside at meetings, and a clerk, who will be responsible for maintaining the record of the Task Force discussions, votes, and actions.
All meetings will be conducted in conformance with the Open Meeting Law, including the proper notice and posting of meetings, and all records will be maintained in conformance with the Public Records Law.
A web site will be set up for the Task Force to post meeting agendas, minutes, outreach announcements, reports, memos, etc. which will be maintained by the Planning Division staff.
Requests for staff assistance or operating expenses will be made through the Town Manager.

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