Finance Committee Members


  • Banfield, Dean S. Term: 2022
  • Fischelis, Peter Term: 2020
  • Guarriello, Greg Term: 2022
  • Hartman, Mary Term: 2022
  • Hickling, John Term: 2022
  • Jamison, Richard Term: 2021
  • Ortner, Dee Term: 2022
  • Packard, Karle S. Term: 2020

  • Patel, Parashar Term: 2021
  • Reynolds, Christine Term: 2021
  • Rubinstein, Wade Term: 2021
  • Swain, Philip C. Term: 2021
  • Tarpey, Thomas Term: 2020
  • Taylor, Brian Term: 2020
  • Zall, Andrea Term: 2020


Position Name
Chair Dean Banfield
Vice Chair
Mary Hartman
Clerk Christine Reynolds
Guidelines Clerk
John Hickling
Board of Selectmen Observer
Mike Lawson
League of Women Voters
Maureen Kemeza
School Committee Observer
Bob Grom

Committee Assignments

Position Name
Select Board Dean Banfield  
Financial Audit Advisory Committee John Hickling  
Retirement Board Dick Jamison  
Housing Authority Wade Rubinstein  
Tax Fairness Committee John Hickling  
Public Safety liasion (Police & Fire) Greg Guarriello  
Concord Municipal Light Plant Phil Swain  
Public Works Commission Dick Jamison  
Cemetery Committee Parahsar Patel  
Planning Board Parashar Patel  
Community Preservation Committee Mary Hartman  
Natural Resources Dean Banfield  
Board of Health Greg Guarriello  
Schools Dean Banfield, Christine Reynolds, 
& Tom Tarpey
Middle School Building Committee Peter Fischelis  
Minuteman Vocational Tech Dean Banfield, Christine Reynolds,
& Tom Tarpey
Library Brian Taylor  
Recreation Commission Wade Rubinstein  
Senior Services/Council on Aging Andrea Zall  
Energy Futures Task Force Karle Packard  
Public Safety Greg Guarriello  
Long Range Capital Planning Dee Ortner