Instructions for Online Payments


Real Estate Tax, Motor Vehicle Excise Tax & Curbside Collection Subscription Payments

This payment method accommodates those Concord taxpayers who seek the convenience of paying their taxes and curbside online. The Town has partnered with UniBank, a financial institution with years of financial experience that employs state-of-the industry encryption methods. All transactions are safely processed; town employees never have direct access to your bank account information.

Two Payment Methods are offered:
  1. Electronic Debit to Checking Account
    No charge
    for this type of payment
  2. Credit Card Payment (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa)


  • You will be charged a fee by the credit card company. The fee will be displayed in addition to the tax amount.
  • You will need your tax bill and check book or credit card in front of you to proceed
  • You will be directed into the UniPay Online Payment Center. Select the appropriate bill type (Personal and Real Estate Taxes are under the heading "Property Tax Control")
  • Enter the tax bill number 
  • Enter the fiscal year (located on the tax bill)
  • Complete each screen to process your payment. You will have the option to receive an email confirmation and/or print a receipt of your transaction(s).
  • At this time, you may pay your real estate, personal property and excise taxes (except any bill on warrant with the Deputy Collector) and curbside collection on resubscription online.


Why use this online bill payment service rather than your bank's online payment service?
  • Your bank's online service issues a check based on your data entry and mails the payments to the Town. Your money is deducted from your account 3-7 days before the payment is issued. There is a time delay between your online data entry and the Town actually receiving your payment via check being mailed by your bank. Town staff must produce a remittance slip for all checks received, using references recorded on your bank-generated check as the sole source for your payment identification. Frequently, data on the check references prior payments made to the Town and thus jeopardizes accurate payment application.
  • The Town of Concord electronic transfer system is a real-time, safe, secure payment. You designate a specific bill for payment. Your money stays in your account until you authorize the payment. Your account is credited immediately.