Drugs and Sharps 24 Hour Drop-Off

Concord Police Department announces that residents will now have 24-hour access to a free kiosk at the Concord Police Station 219 Walden Street Concord MA,  to safely dispose of their medical syringes, sharps and lancets.

In 2012, Massachusetts banned the disposal of needles, syringes and lancets in household trash. The new kiosk will give residents a convenient way to remove used and unwanted sharps from their homes. It was funded through a $1,500 grant from Community Health Network Area (CHNA) 15 and the Town of Concord’s Health Department.

Community members who utilize the kiosk are asked to follow several safety regulations:

§ All sharps MUST be disposed of in a sharps container or puncture-resistant container like a one gallon bleach bottle or a one-pound sealed, taped coffee can.

§ DO NOT put loose needles in the kiosk.

§ DO NOT use a glass container or a bag of any type.

§ DO NOT leave a container outside of the kiosk.

§ Always ask for assistance if kiosk is full.

The Town of Concord conducts twice yearly (spring and fall) events where residents can bring home sharps collection containers for disposal. However, the Concord Council on Aging expressed a need for more options for residents to dispose of these items, especially for those with medical conditions that require regular use of syringes.

24HR Drugs and Sharps Kiosk