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Engineering Division

CPW's Engineering Division is primarily responsible for planning, engineering, design and construction of the Town's infrastructure including roads, curbing, sidewalks, and drainage.
Large Yellow Truck and Bull Dozer Engineering
CPW's Engineering Division provides a wide range of technical assistance to Concord Public Works (CPW) Administration, Highway and Grounds (including Cemetery and Landfill), and Water and Sewer Divisions; the Department of Planning and Land Management's Divisions made up of Planning, Building Inspections, Natural Resources and Board of Health; the Municipal Light Plant; the Recreation Department; the Police and Fire Departments; the Town Manager's office and various Town committees. Support is also provided to residents, businesses, contractors, consultants, and realtors.
CPW's Engineering Division stores, maintains and updates public records, maps, and plans in addition to designing and administering public works projects of all kinds. Construction plans and documents are prepared, reviewed, and bid; and construction inspections are performed by staff. The Division is frequently asked to assist in the procurement of professional services for other Town departments.