Public Hearing Presentations

Article #'s  Title Sponsor Notes
Article 1 Choose Town Officers Select Board No Presentation
Article 2 Hear Reports Select Board No Presentation
Article 3  Meeting Procedure Finance Committee  
Article 4 Ratify Personnel Board Classification Actions Personnel Board  
Article 5 Classification & Compensation Plan for Regular-Status Positions Personnel Board  
Article 6 Personnel Bylaw Amendment Personnel Board  
Article 7 Town Budget Town Manager  
Article 8 Municipal Building Renovations Town Manager  
Article 9 Public Safety Communications Equipment Town Manager  
Article 10 Fire Engine #8 Replacement Town Manager Presentation for both 10 and 11
Article 11 Ambulance #1 Replacement Town Manager Presentation included in Art. 10
Article 12 Bylaw Regarding Leasing of Town Land by Select Board 
and Town Manager
Town Manager  
Article 13 Concord Public Schools Budget School Committee  
Article 14 FY2017 Concord Public Schools Supplemental Appropriation  School Committee  
Article 15 Concord Public Schools Renovations  School Committee  
Article 16 Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Budget Regional School Committee  
Article 17 Concord-Carlisle Regional School District – 
Landfill Flexible Cap Remediation
Regional School Committee  
Article 18 Minuteman Regional Technical High School District Budget MM Reg. School Committee  
Article 19 Free Cash Use Finance Committee  
Article 20 Resolution – Reducing the Influence of Money in Politics BY PETITION   
Article 21 Establish Revolving Fund – Rental Income from 
Marshall & Barrett’s Mill Farms
Town Manager  
Article 22 PEG Access and Cable-Related Fund  Town Manager  
Article 23 Authorize Acquisition of 55 Church Street Town Manager  
Article 24 Funding for Telecommunications Services Town Manager  
Article 25 Funding for Technology Improvements Town Manager  
Article 26 Smart Grid Improvements Town Manager  
Article 27 Comprehensive Municipal Facility Needs Study Town Manager  
Article 28 Guideline for Preservation of Public Access to Open Space BY PETITION   
Article 29 Community Preservation Committee Appropriation Recommendations Community Preservation Cmte  
Article 30 Appropriation Recommendation for Junction Village Affordable 
Assisted Living Development
Community Preservation Cmte  
Article 31 Bruce Freeman Rail Trail – Grant of Easement to MBTA  Town Manager  
Article 32 Accept Easements – Brookside Square Development Town Manager  
Article 33 Grant of Easement to W.R. Grace Town Manager  
Article 34 Grant of Easement over 26A Balls Hill Road Town Manager  
Article 35 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – Site Plan Review for Religious uses,
 Educational uses and Child Care Facilities
Planning Board  
Article 36 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 
Professional Office
Planning Board  
Article 37 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 
Nonconforming Single and Two Family Residential Structures
Planning Board  
Article 38 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – Residential Uses Planning Board  
Article 39 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 
Marijuana Establishment Temporary Moratorium
Planning Board  
Article 40 General Bylaw - Tree Preservation Bylaw Planning Board  
Article 41 Tree Preservation Revolving Fund Planning Board  
Article 42 Alternative PRD Preliminary Site Development and use Proposal 
for Lot 4A and Parcel A Forest Ridge Road
BY PETITION  Article 42 and 43 are included in this presentation
Article 43 Release of Residential Restriction Applicable 
to Lot 4A and Parcel A Forest Ridge Road
BY PETITION  Presentation found within Article 42
Article 44 Regional Housing Services Revolving Fund Expenditures Town Manager  
Article 45 Road Repair Revolving Fund Expenditures Town Manager  
Article 46 Cemetery Roads and Infrastructure Improvements Cemetery Committee  
Article 47 2017 Roads and Parking Lots Program Public Works Commission  
Article 48 Senior Means-Tested Property Tax Exemption Tax Fairness Committee  
Article 49 Request for Home Rule Legislation Allowing Concord 
to Adopt Fees to Finance Affordable Housing
Article 50 Request to Fund Limited Testing of 
Honey Bee Hives for Neonicotinoid Levels
Article 51 Concord’s Energy Goals Select Board/Town Manager  
Article 52 Unpaid Bills Town Manager  
Article 53 Light Plant Expenditures & Payment in Lieu of Taxes Town Manager  
Article 54 Solid Waste Disposal Fund Expenditures Town Manager  
Article 55 Sewer System Expenditures Town Manager Article 55 and 56 are included in this presentation
Article 56 Sewer Improvement Fund Expenditures Town Manager Presentation found within Article 55
Article 57 Water System Expenditures Town Manager  
Article 58 Beede Swim & Fitness Center Enterprise Fund Expenditures Town Manager