Save Money and Energy

If your business is heated with natural gas, you are eligible for many generous state programs through MassSave.

Click the links below for CMLP audits and rebates, and for other discounts and energy efficiency programs for businesses.


Businesses can save money and energy by implementing measures identified through a commercial energy audit. If your business heats with any fuel other than natural gas, CMLP covers 100% of the cost of an energy audit through Energy New England for small (G1) businesses, and 50% of the cost for medium (G2) and large (G3) businesses. Audits can assess mechanical systems, including HVAC, motors and compressors, or can just look at lighting. If your business heats with natural gas, Mass Save has excellent audit services available for Concord businesses. 


CMLP offers rebates for solar panels, LED lighting, electric vehicle charging stations and heat pump water heaters. For businesses that heat with any fuel other than natural gas, CMLP rebates for air-source and ground-source heat pumps are coming soon. Your business could be eligible for over $200,000 in rebates over a 3 year period.

Distributor Discounts

Upstream discounts exist for LED lamps and fixtures as well as HVAC and heat pump equipment. 

Energy Efficiency Resources

Explore links to federal, state, local and other resources on energy efficiency grants, rebates, tax incentives and other information.