CMLP Strategic Plan

CMLP's Strategic Plan is a living, working plan that continues to evolve over time in response to changing industry conditions, energy markets, and business requirements. The original plan is the culmination of a two-year planning process conducted in 2017. We continually look back at the initial plan to guide us in our forward planning.  

View the CMLP Strategic Plan 2018-2025 Presentation shown to the Municipal Light Board at their March 9, 2022 meeting. 

CMLP views this strategic planning effort as the first step in incorporating long-term planning into the way we guide our business and believes this plan can serve as the heart of the Town’s efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining CMLP as a financially healthy business that can continue to provide reliable, high quality, customer-friendly services.

View the original CMLP Strategic Plan 2018 - 2025 Version 4.0 which showed a path forward from 2018 through 2025, and the presentation CMLP Strategic Plan (PowerPoint Presentation) shown to the Light Board at their August 2017 meeting.

CMLP's Strategic Plan Timelines can be viewed below:

CMLP’s strategic planning team consists of the Director, Assistant Director, Chief Information Officer, Customer Service Administrator, Energy Conservation Coordinator, and Power Supply and Rates Administrator.

As described in the CMLP Strategic Plan, CMLP is purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to help green our power supply. This YouTube video from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency RECs: Making Green Power Possible explains why RECs make power green.