Committee Member Resources & Legal Requirements

Updates to workshop material will be made in conjunction with annual workshop offerings.  The state agencies listed below are responsible for enforcement of laws, rules and regulations.  Their webpages provide a wealth of information and they invite direct inquiries to assist with application of laws, rules and regulations to ensure transparency in government.  The Town Clerk's Office and the town staff person for your committee is your local resource.  

2023 Committee Handbook

Meeting Agenda template

Meeting Minutes template

Special Municipal Employees as of 2019

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Meetings during COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated Guidance from the Division of Open Government

Governor's Executive Order on the Meetings during COVID


Open Meeting Law:  Complete Public Body Member Certification

Ethics:  Conflict of Interest Law Summary

Laws, Regulations, and Policies

Conflict of Interest (Ethics) Law:  State Ethics Commission

Open Meeting Law (OML):  Attorney General's Division of Open Government

Open Meeting Law Complaint Form as a fillable pdf 

Public Records Law:  Secretary of State's Public Records Division

Town Charter, Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures

Campaign Finance Information for local offices:  Office of Campaign and Political Finance

Guidance on Posting Meeting Agendas and Minutes