Town Caucus

The Town of Concord holds an annual Caucus according to the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 53, Sections 117 & 118 for the purpose of nominating candidates for the Annual Town Election.  Voters may also obtain nomination papers from the Town Clerk’s Office to collect signatures for a place on the ballot. Visit the Candidates for Local Office page for more information about running for Office in Concord.

1948 Town Meeting Vote to hold a Town Caucus each year

The 2021 Town Caucus was held in the Harvey Wheeler Community Center parking lot on January 25, 2021 beginning at 7:00pm.  With 50 voters in attendance, Caucus Chair Mike Lawson presided over the nomination of nine candidates for eight offices. Caucus Clerk Ruth Lauer recorded the minutes of the Caucus.

Candidates may also file nomination papers to get their name on the Town Election Ballot. Please contact the Town Clerk's Office for more information (978-318-3080).

2021 Caucus Nominees

Open positions, length of terms, whose term is expiring, and who was nominated at the Town Caucus can be found in the table below:

Office# positionsTerms expiring forLength of TermCaucus NomineesNomination Papers certified
1Carmin Reiss
1 yearCarmin Reiss
Select Board2Linda L. Escobedo
Jane C Hotchkiss
3 yearsHenry Dane
Linda Escobedo
Karlen Reed
Dean Banfield
School Committee2Heather Ann Bout
Courtland L. Booth
3 yearsCourtland Booth
Tracey Marano

Housing Authority1Hester Hill Schnipper5 yearsStephan Bader

Housing Authority1Vacancy (Todd L. Benjamin’s unexpired term)2 yearsCharles Phillips
Housing Authority1Vacancy (Fatima Mezdad’s unexpired term)1 year Stephanie Chrobak

Nomination papers for the 2021 Annual Town Election are available from the Town Clerk's Office if you would like to run but were not nominated at the Town Caucus.  The deadline to return nomination papers is 5:00 pm on Thursday, February 4, 2021.