Town of Concord Cemeteries

Among the many historic features of Concord, none bears a more serene testimony to Concord's past than its Triune burial grounds: Old Hill Burying Ground, South Burying Place, and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The threads of Concord's literary, social and political history lie within these cemeteries and provide silent commentary to the Town's proud legacy, one that weaves a pattern of local, national, and international appeal.

  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery 
    Concord's largest - and only active public cemetery.  Sleepy Hollow is one block east of Monument Square, on Bedford Street.  Author's Ridge, burial site of Concord literary lights, is located here, as is the Melvin Memorial by Daniel Chester French.
  • Old Hill Burying Ground
    Just off Monument Square, Concord's earliest burial site is located on a hillside overlooking the town center.
  • South Burying Ground
    Near Concord center at Main Street and Keyes Road, South Burying Place - also called Main Street Burying Ground - is Concord's second-oldest burial site.
  • Concord Cemeteries in the News
    Contemporary news and feature stories on cemetery activities including Veterans' Day and Memorial Day celebrations
  • Cemetery Operations
    Concord Public Works Cemetery Operating Unit maintains all of Concord's cemeteries.  Cemetery plot purchase information and rates for burials are found here, along with updates on seasonal cemetery clean-ups.
  • Cemetery Committee
    The Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the 135 Keyes Road Conference Room.  Meeting agendas and minutes are available here.  The Master Plan for Concord Cemeteries and a listing of Cemetery Rules & Regulations.
  • Friends of Sleepy Hollow
    The Friends of Sleepy Hollow are a non-profit citizens' group dedicated to promoting the preservation, beautification and appreciation of Concord's burial grounds.

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