Rebates for your Business

*** NOTE: Many other (usually more generous!) 
incentives are available for Natural Gas-Heated Businesses 
through the state's MassSAVE program ***

If you are interested in Solar photovoltaic panels for your property, now is the time to act, as Concord businesses and residents will not be eligible for thousands of dollars per solar PV system in state SREC payments once Massachusetts converts to the SMART program on 11/26/18.  On average, the time from interconnection application submittal to CMLP before panels are installed to approval from CMLP to operate the PV system after panels are installed is 2 months, but we have seen this process take as little as 2 weeks.  Talk with your solar installer about whether they can meet the deadline.

Businesses are eligible for rebates of up to $3 per bulb for a maximum of 60 LED Light Bulbs per year

High Efficiency Lighting Program (HELP) Businesses wishing to upgrade their lighting are eligible for a rebate for the lessor of $1,000 / kW of reduced demand or 50% of project costs.

Ground-Source Heat PumpsHeat pumps have been in use in warmer climates for decades, but in the past few years have undergone a technology revolution and are now a great heat source in cold climates such as New England.  These clean heating and cooling technologies can greatly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce your energy costs, and improve the comfort of your home.  CMLP gives rebates to businesses for Ground-Source Heat Pumps.