Melvin Memorial

The Cemetery Committee and Concord Public Works is pleased to announce the completion of the restoration and preservation project for Mourning Victory, The Melvin Memorial, in SleepyHollow Cemetery.  This extensive project has been ongoing since August and included thoroughly cleaning the memorial, repointing the joints between the marble, filling small cracks and spalls, and replacing the three slate tabletsall in an effort to improve its appearance and to protect this historic treasure for years to come.  The existing slate tablets for the Melvin brothers had been damaged from the impacts of our harsh New England weather and have been replaced in a manner to better withstand these challenges and are now more in keeping with the design of the original slates which used bronze lettering.  We are tentatively planning a rededication ceremony on June 16, 2019 – 110 years after the original dedication.  Additional information about that event will be provided as it becomes available.

These photos taken at thebeginning and end of the project highlight the improvements that have been made to The Melvin Memorial.

This Image was taken Prior to Renovations:

Melvin Before_1

This image was taken After Renovations:

Melvin After_1