Submitting a Permit Application to the Fire Department


Select the appropriate permit application form from the list provided, then download and complete the application. You may then:
  • Email it to the Fire Department.
  • Print it and drop it off at Fire Headquarters at 209 Walden Street
  • Mail it to Fire Headquarters at:
    Concord Fire Department
    Attn: Permits
    209 Walden Street
    Concord MA 01742
Alternately, you always have the option to fill out an application at Fire Headquarters.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

 If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader to assist you in reading and filling out the downloadable forms, you may download the program for free at the Adobe Acrobat website.

Paying for Permits


Determine the cost for your permit by viewing our 2019 Fire Department Fee Schedule (PDF).

Online Payments

  • Please click HERE to access UniPay for online payments.
  • See below document for online payment instructions.

Mail a Check

  • Make the check payable to the Town of Concord
  • Include your permit application or a copy of the email that your application was attached to
  • Mail to the following address:
    Concord Fire Department
    Attn: Permits
    209 Walden Street
    Concord MA 01742
You may also choose to simply bring the check to Fire Headquarters.

Permit Issue & Receiving


In all cases, a permit will be issued once payment is received. Please indicate how you would like your permit returned to you. We can:
  • Email it to a given email address
  • Hold a permit for pick-up
  • Mail it to a given return address

* PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT IS NO LONGER ISSUING PERMITS FOR TENTS (if the tent is being heated using a flammable or combustible fuel (i.e, propane), the fuel storage will still need to be permitted).

See below document for online payment instructions