Health Insurance


  • $$$ Incentive for Enrollment in This Year’s Cost-Effective
         Plans = Reduced Employee Cost for most plans in 2019-2020
  • Special Open Enrollment for DENTAL Insurance
  • Employer Contribution to Tax-Advantaged Health Savings
  • Online Enrollment Option – Reduce Paper Use!
  • A fun to use, Benefits Counselor Tool: Alex
  • Open Enrollment Packet for Plan Year 6/1/19 - 5/31/20


Looking for a side-by-side plan comparison?
          Benchmark Plan Comparison Chart
          HSA-Qualified Plan Comparison Chart

Want to know more about how the HSA plans work?
          Watch this video for an overview.

Need help figuring out which plan is right for you?
          Alex Opens in new windowAlex is a fun, confidential, &
           personalized way to learn about your options.  Click here to
           talk to Alex!

Ready to crunch the numbers?
          Check out our Cost Comparison Tools, which compare the
          fixed costs and total exposure of the Benchmark and HSA-
          Qualified plans under different scenarios.

Want to know if your doctor accepts a different plan?
          Find out by using the plan's provider search tool:
          Fallon Provider Search - Choose Select Care or Direct Care
          (Direct Care is a more limited network)*
          Harvard Pilgrim Provider Search - Choose HMO plan
          Tufts Provider Search - Choose EPO plan
          *Note that Fallon has separate provider search tools for
           Behavioral Health, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic and
           Acupuncture.  See website for links.

 Looking for plan documents or forms?
          Click on the tabs below for all the details.

  1. Benchmark Health Plans
  2. HSA-Qualified Plans
  3. Health Savings Account 
  4. Flexible Spending Accounts

Benchmark Health Plan Information

Health Plan Rates - 6/1/19 - 5/31/20
Health Plan Comparison Chart - Benchmark Plans

$$$ Incentive for Enrolling in Cost-Effective Plans
The Town will contribute the following additional amount toward the premium during the 2019-2020 Plan Year for employees who enroll in the Fallon Select and Direct Benchmark Plan or any HSA-Qualified Plan.
      - $100 for family plans
      - $35 for individual plans

Enrollment Forms
Tufts Benchmark HMO Enrollment Form
Harvard Pilgrm Benchmark HMO Enrollment Form
Fallon Select Benchmark HMO Enrollment Form
Fallon Direct Benchmark HMO Enrollment Form

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage
Tufts Benchmark Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Harvard Pilgrim Benchmark Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Fallon Direct Care Benchmark Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Fallon Select Care Benchmark Plan Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Plan Documents and Links
Fallon Health Plan
Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
Tufts Health Plan

Additional Benefits

The Town of Concord offers two great programs to help you save money!

CanaRx Prescription Drug Mail-Order Program
The CanaRx program makes brand name maintenance medications available for $0 co-pay.
CanaRx Notice
CanaRx Enrollment Form and Rx List - Fallon
CanaRx Enrollment Form  and Rx List - Harvard Pilgrim
CanaRx Enrollment Form and Rx List - Tufts

Good Health Gateway Diabetes Care Rewards
Participants can receive diabetes medications and supplies with $0 co-pays, when they meet program requirements.

Good Health Gateway Flyer
Good Health Gateway Free Accu-Check Meter Flyer
Good Health Gateway Website
Note: select "Minuteman Nashoba Health Group" when prompted for "Employer/Plan Administrator"

My Telemedicine
Access a doctor from your mobile device or computer 24/7/365 with no copay!  Click on My Telemedicine to learn more.