Soil Health

Your landscaping will only be as good as the soil it is planted in. Soils are living ecosystems that provide the needed air and water flow to support a healthy and sustainable landscape.

Soil is the foundation of a sustainable garden. It provides a variety of benefits, often without our knowing: 

  • Absorbs rainfall and mitigates flooding
  • Removes pollutants and cleanses water
  • Stores water for plants, wildlife and people
  • Provides habitat for organisms such as microscopic bacteria and earthworms that transform wastes into nutrients for plants.
  • Stores atmospheric carbon
  • Sustains plants, which provides food, fiber for clothing, timber, medicines and other goods

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Soil food web

Get to know your soil!

  • Nutrient levels - Test results provide you with soil nutrient levels and fertilizer recommendations when needed.
  • Soil Acidity - Soil pH and exchangeable acidity are measured for the determination of lime requirements.
  • Environmental Protection - Test results identify areas with excess nutrients that can pollute local waterways.
  • Economics - You buy soil amendments only when needed, avoiding unnecessary spending.
  • Health - Soil testing can help protect you and your family by alerting you to elevated levels of lead or other toxic heavy metals.