Complete Streets Program

A Complete Street is a street that safely serves all people: those walking, biking, rolling, taking a bus or train, or driving. It is a street for everyone, regardless of age or ability. MassDOT encourages cities and towns to develop Complete Streets under their jurisdiction to promote safety, livability and community.

The Town of Concord adopted a Complete Streets Policy in 2018. The Complete Streets Prioritization Plan being conducted by the Town’s consultant, Jacobs Engineering will identify and prioritize projects to be undertaken in the Town of Concord and fulfills a key eligibility requirement for the MassDOT Complete Streets Funding Program. This study will assist in the prioritization of projects identified in the Town's Complete Streets Plan to contribute toward the safety, health, economic viability, and quality of life in Concord.

Complete Streets Policy 

Presentation Shown at Public Workshop held on July 24, 2019

Please contact Concord Public Works Engineering Division at 978-318-3210 with any questions related to this project.