Shared Charger Program

LCMLP will install, own, and operate one dual-port shared charging station on the multi-dwelling unit property, subject to the following conditions:

  The charging station must be located near a point at which CMLP delivers electricity to the property.

✔  The multi-dwelling unit must provide CMLP with an easement for the area where wiring from the delivery point and the charging station are located.

✔  At least seven multi-dwelling unit residents must be Committed EV Purchasers. The multi-dwelling unit property owner/manager may choose to serve as a proxy “committed EV purchaser(s)” by agreeing to be charged one or more refundable $250 deposits on a common area electric bill.

✔  Multi-dwelling units may not participate in the EV Ready Pilot Program and the Shared Charger Program simultaneously.

✔  Value received through the Shared Charger Program will reduce financial assistance to the multi-dwelling unit from any future EV Ready Program.

Application Process

CMLP plans to create an application process for the Shared Charger Program by the end of October 2019. Please check this site at that time for an application form and procedures. Once the application process is established, applications will be considered on an ongoing basis.


For questions about the Shared Charger Program, contact Laura Scott, CMLP’s Rates and Power Supply Administrator at  or 978-318-3102.