2021 CMLP Electric Rates

All of Concord Municipal Light’s electric rates are changing effective with the January 2021 bills.

Why are rates changing?

In order to provide reliable services to the Town of Concord, the Light Plant must collect through rates what it costs to run the utility and meet the Town’s established social and environmental goals. Every three to five years, CMLP hires an outside firm to look in depth at the utility’s expenses and revenues and to recommend rates that will fully recover the costs. In 2020 CMLP conducted such a study. A copy of the 2020 Cost of Service Study is available here. In November 2020 the Light Board voted unanimously to approve the recommended rates.

What changes will customers see?

There is no uniform increase or decrease that all customers will see. Some customers will see increases to their monthly electric bill, while others will see decreases. In general, residential customers using less than1200 kWh per month will see a $4 to $6 increase per month, representing a 2%-10% bill increase. 

Sample Residential Bill

Sample Bill 01-2021

Nearly all small commercial G-1 customers will see a decrease in their monthly electric bill. The average G-1 customer will see a $31 per month decrease. The precise decrease each G-1 customer will see will vary from a few dollars to over $200 per month depending on the total amount of electricity they use in a month. The small commercial rate will now be more competitive with the rates offered by other Massachusetts municipal utilities.

Most medium commercial G-2 customers will see a two (2) to (3) percent increase in their monthly electric bill. The bill impacts for large commercial G-3 customers will range from decreases to increases of generally less than 5% magnitude depending on individuals customer’s total monthly electricity usage and billed demand.

The funding for CARES programs will no longer be collected through a surcharge. Instead, the cost of these programs will be embedded in base rates.