Annursnac Hill Rd. Guardrail Project


2020 Annursnac Hill Road Guardrail Replacement Project

Town Contacts:

Joseph Cormier, Associate Engineer, Concord Public Works (CPW)– Engineering Division, 978-318-3210,

General Contractor:

Steelco Chain Link Fence Erecting Co., Inc.

Project Schedule:

Work began on January 12th 2021 and has been suspended for the winter months. Approximately 960ft of the total 1242ft guardrail has been installed. The contractor is scheduled to return in the spring to complete the remaining work, which includes completing the installation as well as removal and cleanup of the existing guardrail.

Project Overview:

The goal of this project is to replace the out dated and deteriorating roadside guardrail along Annursnac Hill Road. Engineering Division has planned and designed phase two of the guardrail replacement for the Annursnac Hill Road neighborhood.  Phase two consist of the removal and replacement of 1,242 feet of guardrail with timber post Cor-Ten weathering steel guardrail. The Section of Guardrail being replaced is located between 309 and 451 Annursnac Hill Road. Steelco Chain Link Fence Erecting Co. has been awarded the bid for this project and will be carrying out construction.