2021 Crack Sealing Program


2021 Crack Sealing

Town Contacts:

Joseph Cormier, Associate Engineer, Concord Public Works (CPW)– Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, jcormier@concordma.gov

Project Background

The goal of the Town’s annual crack sealing program is to extend the life span of the existing roadway. Cracks naturally develop in asphalt due to oxidation and pavement deterioration.  Crack sealing is important for a successful maintenance by preventing water from penetrating into the sub-base material, which is a major cause of pavement failure. 

Project Schedule:

The Engineering Division is currently in the process of selecting streets that will receive crack seal treatment. The tentative schedule is to have this contract out for  bid in April, with construction activities occurring in late spring and throughout the summer months.   

Scope of work

First all cracks will be cleaned to remove vegetation and other impediments to crack sealing. Cracks are then sealed using hot-applied rubberized joint sealant, and a light aggregate material is then applied to the hot rubber to improve adhesion to the pavement surface.