Fiber Broadband Completion Task Force

Minutes and Agendas

Minutes and agendas can be found in the Agenda center by following the link here.

Committee Purpose and Background

The purpose of the Fiber Broadband Completion Task Force (FBCTF), as voted by Article 41 of the 2021 Annual Town Meeting, is to study and recommend appropriate solutions for the completion of Concord’s fiber optic network, known as Concord Light Broadband, so that this network can offer broadband service throughout the Town.

A recent GIS data analysis found that 5 - 7% of residential parcels are without Fiber Broadband access, either by under-ground or overhead cable, representing 20 - 25% of individual addresses. Residents in affordable housing, condominiums, or apartments may face difficulties connecting to the Town’s fiber network.

The FBCC will study alternative approaches to network completion and provide a written report of recommended actions and strategies for the Town Manager and Select Board to consider. The report will present solutions, including possible funding, for three distinct aspects of network completion, or subject areas:

(a) recommending ways to expedite the installation of fiber-optic telecommunications utility service on the remaining 5 - 7% of Town streets that lacks such service

(b) exploring barriers to Concord Light Broadband subscription growth

(c) investigating opportunities for expanding fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-business.

This Task Force will explore the barriers to broadband adoption in a targeted, focused effort. It will revisit the fiber completion strategy on behalf of the community. The report will provide the Light Board, the Select Board, and the Town Manager with information needed to form rational policy decisions on laying fiber to homes and businesses in Concord.

Emails can be sent to the committee by completing the form linked here.

Name Position
Gordon Brockway Light Board Representative
Scott Hopkinson PEG Access Advisory Committee Representative
David Hesel HOA (Home Owners Association) Representative
Gail Hire Citizen at large Representative
Mark Howell Citizen at large Representative, Task Force Chairperson

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