Long Range Plans Collection


Special Town Plans Committee (1946-1948)

At the Annual Town Meeting in 1946 it was voted: That the Selectmen be and hereby are authorized to appoint a Special Town Plans Committee of seven members, any vacancies in said committee to be filled by appointment by the Selectmen, to study the present and future needs of the Town, particularly those that may call for capital expenditures, to study Town finances in connection therewith, to formulate a long-range plan for the development of the Town, including a recommended order in which projects shall be undertaken and a six to ten year financial plan of capital expenditures therefor, and to report to the Town thereon at or before an Annual or Special Town Meeting not later than May 15, 1948, and that the sum of $5,000 be and hereby is appropriated from the Excess and Deficiency Account, which sum shall be expended by said committee for the purpose of employing, and providing facilities for, expert, professional, and clerical assistance and making and publishing studies, plans, and reports.

Committee Members: George E. Bates (Chairman), Edwin D. Brooks, H. Whittemore Brown, Archibald H. Ferran, Joseph F. King, Henry A. Laughlin, and Burleigh L. Pratt


Comprehensive Town Plans Committee (1956-1959)

Summary Report Long-Range Plan for Concord, Massachusetts (January 1959), Technical Report for Long-Range Plan for Concord, Massachusetts (February 1959)

At the October 29, 1956 Special Town Meeting, it was voted "That a Comprehensive Town Plans Committee of not less than five nor more than twelve members be appointed by the Town Manager, said Committee to include a representative of the Planning Board, the Industrial Commission, the Selectmen, the Department of Public Works, and the Town Manager. Said Committee is to work with the Planning Board and the Finance Committee in the making of a Comprehensive Town Plan".

Committee Members: Thomas Flint (Chairman), Robert G. Brown, R.C. Butman, Edward P. Chase, George A. Coleman, P.S. Crandall, R.B. Greeley, Ralph T. Haskell, George S. Lawton, Louis A. McMillen, T.M. Nelson,  Gordon H. Ogilvie, Robert J. Rodday, Winthrop W. Sargent, Robert A. Soderman, Edward K. True, F.W. Watriss, Richard F. Wood

Comprehensive Town Plans Committee (1970-1976)

Goals and Objectives (February 1973), Population Impact Analysis (February 1973), Action Proposals (June 1974)

At a July 14, 1969 meeting of the Select Board: "The Chairman read a letter from the Planning Board requesting the appointment of a Comprehensive Town Planning Committee to review and update the long range plans of the Town." In May of 1970 the Selectmen appointed the Comprehensive Town Plans Committee consisting of nine citizens from the Town at large and six representatives from various board and commissions. The Committee issued the first two parts of their report in February 1973 with the final part being released in June 1974. The Comprehensive Town Plans Committee became the Growth Policy Committee in 1976.

Committee Members: Gordon H. Shaw (Chairman), Norman Beecher, John Bordman, Elizabeth M. Carlhian, Richard W. Damon, William H. Damon, Wilbur Davenport, Jr., John F. Donovan, Jr., Richard S. Eaton, Mary H. Emerson, Cyrus F. Gibson, Mark Hochman, Rudolf K. Loeser, Elizabeth S. Lowell, Irvin L. McKittrick, Frank L. McNamara, Walter J. Miles, Jr., John D. Shaw, Thomas K. Sisson, Arthur L. Stevenson, Jr., Peter L. Wells, Wesley E. Young. 


Long Range Plan Committee (1985-1987)

Town of Concord Long Range Plan (October 1987)

At the April 1, 1985 Annual Town Meeting, it was voted: To raise and appropriate, or transfer from available funds in the Treasury, the sum of $48,450, or any other sum for the purposes of preparing a Long Range Plan for Concord; including the engagement of professional consultants; the hiring of employees and other related expenses, or take any other action relative thereto. The Long Range Plan Committee was appointed by the Select Board in June 1985.

Committee Members: William C. Clendaniel (Co-Chairman), Carol Dwyer (Co-Chairman), Judith A. Barnstead, Mark E. Connelly, William G. Creelman, Richards H. Cross III, David H. Dennen, Lawrence D. Lorah, Barbara W. Mudd, Michael F. Thiel, Sara W. Wilbur


Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee (2001-2005)

Comprehensive Long Range Plan Concord, Massachusetts - A Vision for 2020 (March 2005)

The 13-member Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee was appointed by the Board of Selectmen in 2001, following a vote at the 2001 Annual Town Meeting. The Committee was charged with adopting goals and objectives for the Town of Concord to the year 2020, and developing policies, strategies, tools, and techniques to achieve these goals. 

Committee Members: Timothy Blancke (Chair), Karle Packard (Vice Chair), Joanne F. Gibson (Clerk), Bette E. Aschaffenburg, Margaret B. Briggs, Thomas H. Connors, Cline W. Frasier, Michael Gilboy, John W. Kohl, Toby R. Kramer, William F. Kussin, Virginia McIntyre, James E. Reynolds, Anne D. Shapiro, Stephen E. Verrill, Carol F. Wilson


Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee (2016-2018)

In June 2016 the Concord Select Board appointed the 14-member Comprehensive Long Range Plan (CLRP) Committee and charged it with preparing a new comprehensive plan for the Town. The Committee, also identified as the Envision Concord Committee, was asked to complete its work over a two-year period. The Committee’s charge from the Select Board was to examine traditional areas of planning to provide the basis for guidance, coordination and accountability for future decision makers, and to integrate these traditional principles with Concord’s sustainability principles and policies in a framework that promotes collaboration and coordination. To achieve this latter goal, the Select Board asked the Committee to use the framework and organizing principles and processes identified by the American Planning Association’s Sustaining Places Initiative, with the intent that future decisions would be made on a more integrated and holistic basis.

Committee Members: Gary Kleiman (Planning Board, Co-Chair), Elise Woodward (Historical Commission, Co-Chair), John Boynton, (Member-at-Large, Clerk), Margaret Briggs (Concord Municipal Light Plant), James Bryant (Member-at-Large), Jane Hotchkiss (Select Board ex-officio), Peter Hunter (Recreation Commission), Wally Johnston (School Committee), Barron Lambert (Member-at-Large), Barbara Morse (Concord Housing Development Corporation), Sharyn Lenhart (Council on Aging), Nick Pappas (Public Works Commission), Wade Rubenstein (Member-at-Large), Judith Zaunbrecher (Natural Resources Commission)

Envision Concord Website: https://courbanize.com/projects/envisionconcord/updates

Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee Website: https://concordma.gov/1067/Comprehensive-Long-Range-Plan-Comm