Food Waste Drop Off Pilot

We're launching a Community Compost Drop Off Pilot program for Concord residents starting on February 1st, 2022. Once you're registered, you will be able to drop off household food scraps and compostable kitchen waste at two locations for FREE. Businesses interested in composting should review the information provided by Concord’s Public Health Department. Curbside composting options are available through private vendors for residential and commercial properties. 

How do you use the Community Food Compost Drop Off sites?

1. Review what items are accepted in Concord's Community Food Compost Drop Off collection bins. Even if you’re very familiar with how composting works in general, please review the list of Acceptable and Unacceptable items specific to our program. 
2. Test your knowledge of what items our collection bins accept and register to participate. 

3. Review the results and write down the combination code to access our locked collection bins. 
4. Start composting your food scraps!

 5. Tell your friends and family to join the composting community by registering to participate to receive the combination code. 


Where are the Community Food Compost Drop Off sites located?

Food compost drop off bins are located at the Beede Swim and Fitness Center parking lot and the 55 Church St Town Offices' parking lot (behind Harvey Wheeler Community Center). If you have questions, would like to report a concern, or need assistance with the questionnaire or combination lock, please stop into the Beede Swim and Fitness Center or 55 Church Street Town Offices for more information. Or contact the Sustainability Division at or 978-318-3008.

Beede Swim and Fitness Center - 498 Walden St

The Community Food Compost Drop Off Bin will be placed in the area outlined with a red square. In the photo, you can see a clothing drop off near this location.  (Image credit: Google, n.d)

Contact Us


Phone:      978-318-3008


Town Facilities - 55 Church Street

In the parking lot of the Town Facilities Building, there is an existing trash and recycling area in the back of the parking lot. We will place the new compost bin in this area toward the fence. (Image credit: Google, n.d)