Language update - content not yet revised: August 1997.

The Policy issued on March 1, 1983 provided for the delegation of authority to approve purchases under $4,000 to the Finance Director and for the Assistant Town Manager to review bill schedules prior to the Town Manager's signature. Effective November 18, 1985, this policy is superseded by the following one which provides for a broader delegation of authority to insure the effective functioning of the Town.


  1. The Town Charter, Section 9F, provides that "The Town Manager shall purchase all supplies and materials and equipment and award all contracts for all departments of the Town." The purchasing activity has been conducted over time under policies basically established by the Charter; the Town by-laws concerning bidding and purchasing; state laws concerning bidding and purchasing; and occasional written Town policies on specific subjects.
  2. Acting under the authority granted me by the Town Charter, I hereby delegate the following responsibilities concerning the purchasing functions of the Town are delegated by the Town Manager as outlined:
A. The Finance Director shall be the Purchasing Agent with full authority to establish necessary policies and procedures.
  1. All relevant APPs remain in effect. All other verbal policies are superseded by the separately issued formal written procedures of the Finance Director.
  2. All purchase orders, contracts, and contract amendments shall be processed in accordance with the Finance Director's policies.
  3. In the past, all bids had been received at the Town Manager's Office. Effective with this policy, the Departments of Community Services and Light are authorized to directly receive bids at their offices and should proceed too so. All other bids should be addressed to the Finance Department. The Department should contact the Finance Department for bid numbers.
B. All purchases above $4,000 shall require the countersignature of the Assistant Town Manager. He or she is also delegated the authority to sign all Town contracts for purchases in excess of $4,000.
  1. All such purchase orders and contracts shall be submitted to the Finance Director first for his approval prior to the Assistant Town Manager's approval.
  2. Purchase order and contract amendments cumulatively exceeding 10% of the original purchase order or contract shall, after having been reviewed by the Finance Director, be submitted by the Finance Office to the Assistant Town Manager for approval.
  3. The Assistant Town Manager shall exercise the Town Manager's responsibility to review all bill schedules prior to submittal to the Select Board for their approval.
  4. The authority to authorize requests for waiver of the bid by-laws shall be retained by the Town Manager.
  5. In no event shall a purchase order or contract amendment cause an original allocation under $4,000 to exceed $4,000 without the approval of the Assistant Town Manager, regardless of the percentage change involved.
  6. In the event a purchase order is disapproved by the Finance Director, the Department Head's right of appeal to the Assistant Town Manager remains open. His/her decisions shall be final.