Drinking Water Treatment Methods

Treatment Methods Used in Concord's Drinking Water

  • Sodium Hypochlorite
    • Provides disinfection against germs and bacteria
  • Potassium Hydroxide
    • Provides pH adjustment. Works as a corrosion inhibitor. Protects distribution system and customer's home plumbing system from corrosion.
  • Zinc Polyphosphate
    • Works as a sequestering agent to suspend iron and manganese particles. Also a corrosion inhibitor to stabilize metal surfaces of iron and copper pipelines.
  • Sodium Fluoride
    • Reduces rate of tooth decay, especially in children
  • Ozone Gas
    • Provides disinfection of surface water against viruses and bacteria. this strong oxidant is effective in removing organic material that causes taste and odor.
  • LayneOx (TM) Pressure Filtration
    • Utilizes sodium hypochlorite to pre-oxidize iron and manganese and then remove it through filtration and adsorption.
  • Ultraviolet Light (UV)
    • UV is an effective primary disinfectant which inactivates viruses and eradicates bacteria without the use of chemicals.
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