Resource Protection

Concord Public Works is working to better protect groundwater and surface water resources by conducting regular inspections of the watershed areas, educating residents and property owners about watershed protection, monitoring the progress of release sites located in the resource protection areas, working with farmers to practice Best Management Practices (BMPs), and implementing an enhanced emergency response plan.
Open Lake with Trees in Background
Residents can help protect drinking water resources by
  • Practicing good septic system practices.
  • Supporting water supply protection initiatives at the local and state level.
  • Taking hazardous household chemicals to proper hazardous materials collection facilities.
  • Limiting the use of pesticides and fertilizer.
  • Be mindful of what you put down your sink and your storm drain.
These are small steps that customers can do to help us in protecting the drinking water resources we have in Concord.

For more information on Source Protection efforts in Concord, please contact Melissa Simoncini, Senior Environmental and Regulatory Coordinator at 978-318-3250 or visit the Source Water Assessment and Protection Report prepared by Concord Public Works and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection can also provide useful information and links regarding water supply protection efforts.