Wastewater Planning Committee


  • Jeffrey L. Eberle
  • Paul Feshbach-Meriney, Natural Resources Committee
  • Robert Guernsey
  • Charles W. Halderman (Chair), Board of Health
  • Sharon M. Jones
  • Steven Ng, Planning Board
  • Judith K. Sprott, Public Works Commission
  • Michael Webster (Vice-Chair)

Wastewater Staff Support Team

Concord Public Works

  • Bill Edgerton (Director)
  • Alan Cathcart (Water and Sewer Superintendent)
  • Elena Proakis (Operations Engineer)

Planning and Land Management

  • Marcia Rasmussen (Town Planner)
  • Mike Moore (Public Health Administrator)
  • Marcus Pinney (Natural Resources Administrator)

Consultant Team

  • Stone Environmental
  • Lombardo Associates
  • Weston and Sampson Engineers, Inc.
  • Earth Tech