User Fees

To receive collection services subscribers pay two separate fees, a semi-annual collection fee and a trash disposal fee.

Collection Fee

Trash and recyclable materials are only collected from households that subscribe to the municipal collection program. To subscribe residents pay a $177.50 semi-annual collection fee. This covers the cost of collection of trash and recyclable materials from October through March, or April through September. Subscribers must also pay a separate disposal fee for each bag or barrel of trash. To subscribe to the program see details shown on the  Curbside Collection Subscription Application. Once residents are enrolled in the program they will automatically receive a bill in September and March.

Trash Disposal Fee

In order for trash to be collected, each bag or barrel of trash must have either a 6-month barrel sticker, which costs $46.80 and is good for 6 months of collection or a weekly disposal tag, which costs $1.80 each and is good for one use only. 6-month barrel stickers and weekly disposal tags are available from the Town House and retail outlets in town. There is no additional disposal fee for recyclable materials.