Yard Waste Recycling

COVID-19 & the Town Compost Site 

Due to strong community interest the Town has elected to open the compost site, located at 755 Walden Street, for a special trial yard waste collection event on April 9th, 10th and 11th to allow residents to dispose of leaves, grass clippings and brush. Compost will be available for pick up. 

During this event we ask that residents remain in their cars except to remove materials, follow the traffic patterns and respect the social distancing guidelines.  Community support of social distancing guidelines during this trial will help us to continue to offer this service to our residents.  

We ask that residents at odd number addresses only attend the event on Thursday, April 9; even number addresses only on Friday, April 10 and any Concord resident on Saturday, April 11.

As always the compost site is open to concord residents only. We ask that you bring last year’s green compost site sticker or proof of residency.

Please check back to this site for additional information as our response evolves.  Thank you for your patience. 

Updated 4/6/20 4:40PM

Thursday, April 9th
Odd Numbered Houses
Friday, April 10th 
Even Numbered Houses
Saturday, April 11th
Open to all Concord Residents

If this event is successful the Town will continue to offer access to the compost site. Please check back for updates.
No Paint
We are unable to accept paint products at this special event as the programs requires more close contact. 

Materials Accepted

Leaves, grass, and other rake able yard wastes  
Brush and branches less than 4- feet long and 4-inch diameter

Christmas Trees, the Composting Site is open for Christmas tree recycling on designated dates in January, for more details visit the Christmas Tree Recycling page.  
Invasive Species may be disposed of at the Landfill, please see attendant for specified location.  

Backyard Composting

Concord Public Works sells compost bins for home composting of leaves, grass, and food scraps. Visit the Backyard Composting page for details.

Note: "Compost Happens" - nasturtiums thriving in the Paint Shed window box (picture on right) at the Composting Center, in the window is a reflection of compost piles made of leaves brought by town residents.
Compost Happens Sign and Plant

Free Compost 

Concord residents may pickup up free compost, when available, made from Concord yard waste whenever the Composting Site is open. Bring your own shovel and barrels or other containers.