Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

Online Payments

Excise Tax payments can be made online from your checking account or with a credit card (except those bills on warrant with the Deputy Collector). Certain fees will apply to credit card transactions, while there is no charge to pay from your checking account.

Excise on Registered Vehicles

The motor vehicle excise is imposed on every motor vehicle and trailer registered in the Commonwealth. This excise is imposed for the privilege of registering a motor vehicle. Registering a motor vehicle automatically triggers the assessment of the excise.

The motor vehicle excise tax is assessed at a rate of 2 1/2% of taxable value ($25 per thousand dollar value). This value is set by the Registry of Motor Vehicles and tax bills are prepared by the Registry for issuance by the Town. The original (model year) value is based upon the manufacturer's list price according to the NADA Blue Book. It is not based on the actual sales price or current market value. The taxable value is adjusted each year in accordance with the following schedule:

Taxable Value
Percent Adjusted
Year prior to model year 50%
Model year 90%
Second year 60%
Third year 40%
Fourth year 25%
Fifth year and each year thereafter 10%