Motor Vehicle Excise tax bills are issued on a calendar-year basis. The bill is owed to the Town where the car was garaged as of January 1. The address of the registrant is based upon the registration address provided by the owner to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Payments are due 30 days after the issuance of the bill. After 30 days the bill is subject to a demand fee. If the demanded bill remains unpaid the excise tax bill is then put on warrant with our Deputy Tax Collector.

If you have a bill on warrant please contact the Deputy Collector at 781-944-8504 or visit their website.

New Registration

Vehicles registered for a portion of a calendar year are eligible for prorating based upon whole months. For new registrations, this occurs automatically. For cancelled or changed registrations, it is up to the owner to notify the Board of Assessors. Once issued, a bill cannot be abated below $5 unless the registration date as of January 1 was erroneous; e.g., wrong place of garaging or ownership, or plate error.

Late Registration

Owners of vehicles registered as of January 1 can expect to receive a bill in late February/early March. A new registration normally produces a bill 2 to 3 months afterwards. The most common source of taxpayer confusion arises when a vehicle is registered late in the calendar year. This generates a tax bill early in the next calendar year, which may be followed soon thereafter by a full year bill for the new calendar year. Each bill identifies the year prominently. Taxpayers should make note of the year of the bill when paying an excise tax.