Camp Program

2022 Camp Season Licensing

Camp COVID-19 Safety Planning  
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 please refer to the following information:

Regulations 105 CMR 430.000: Minimum Standards for Recreational Camps for Children, Effective March 23, 2018.

2018 Revised Regulation


Draft red-lined version of regulation, showing most major changes. 
MDPH summary sheet of changes to the Recreational Camp Code.

2018 Code--Documents and Guidance 
Health Care Consultant Agreement 
Health Care Consultant Acknowledgement of On-Site Medications
Standards for Training of Health Care Supervisors on Administration of Medication
Daily Log for Medication Administration
Medication Administration Competency Skill Checklist 
Standards for Training on Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
Concussion Information
Meningococcal Disease Information for Parents
Required Immunizations for Campers and Staff
ANSI-Z308 First Aid Kits-list of supplies
2018 Camp Inspection Form
Checklist for Camp Operators

More information, the  2018 Recreational Camp regulations,  and guidance documents and forms, are also available at MDPH's website:

2021 Camp Season Licensing

Camp Renewals

If you had a licensed camp in 2021, you will be applying for a renewal license. To move forward with the renewal process, please see visit The Town of Concord Online Permitting portal Permit eyes
MDPH promulgated changes to the recreational camp regulations in 2018. Camps must comply with all requirements of the new regulation prior to issuance of your 2020 license.   Please see information above for links to the revised regulation, guidance documents and forms needed for camp licensing.

All camps must have a pre-operational inspection at least one week prior to the program start date.

Please schedule your pre-operational inspection no later than May 15, 2020 in order to accommodate all camp schedules. These inspections cannot be scheduled until all required paperwork is submitted to the Health Department.

New Camps

If you are planning a Camp for 2020, not previously licensed in Concord, you will need to submit an Application for Recreational Camp (PDF), as well as secure a Site Assignment (PDF) from the Board of Health. This process may take several months, so please plan accordingly. Sample forms and documents may be obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website.

Note: New camps are required to apply for licensing no later than 90 days prior to the camp opening date, and must have an initial inspection 1 month prior to program start date.

Please review the Recreational Camp Code in its entirety to ensure that your camp meets all code requirements. All camps must comply with Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sex Offenders Registry Board (SORI) requirements. If you have not been assigned an agency code reviewer number, you will need to go through this process prior to submitting your CORI/SORI requests. Again, note that this process may take several weeks.

Christian's Law

Massachusetts General Law c. 111, §127A½, commonly referred to as Christian's Law, was enacted on July 12, 2012. The law requires that all municipal and recreational programs or licensed camps conducting swimming at fresh or saltwater beaches must:
  1. Ensure that all minors are swim tested at the first swimming session
  2. Provide a properly sized and snug fitting personal flotation device (PFD) type I, II, or III to all minor children determined to be either a non-swimmer or an at-risk swimmer
  3. Allow parents or legal guardians to provide their own properly fitting PFD to the child if they so choose

Tick Education Requirements

All licensed camps are required to distribute the following materials to parents of campers

Camp Guide to Preventing Tickborne Illness At Camp (PDF)

Memo to Camp Operators (PDF)

Tick Information Card for distribution to parents

How to Order Tick Cards

Download the Tick Education Card Order Form (PDF) and complete with your mailing address and how many cards you will need then simply fax the form to: Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Infectious Disease at 978-640-9671.