Food Program

The Concord Health Department licenses and inspects all establishments which prepare, serve or sell food in accordance with the 105 CMR 590.00 (PDF)  and the 1999 Federal Food Code webpage. View the "Merged" Food Code (105 CMR 590.00 merged with the Federal Food Code)

The food establishments range from small scale low risk establishments which sell pre-packaged foods, to large scale restaurants with complex food processes, to temporary events.

Existing Establishments

The Town of Concord uses a Risk Based Food Inspection Program. Risk Based Inspections focus and prioritize 5 broad categories of risk factors that most often contribute to food borne illness. Inspectors focus on evaluating the degree of active managerial control that an operator has over risk factors. They will spend the majority of their time observing the practices and procedures that are likely to lead to out-of-control risk factors. The program evaluates all facilities and rates them on the following factors:
  • Types of Food and intended uses
  • Food Preparation and processing
  • Equipment and facility
  • Management and employee food knowledge
  • Food safety management program
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Volume of food
  • Typical patronage

Emergency Action Plans

Allergy Awareness

Please note that the Massachusetts Food Code 105 CMR 590.000 has been amended to included Allergy Awareness Requirements.