This section provides links to more information and resources to help you combat the invaders.

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA)

CISMA was created by the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River (SuAsCo) Watershed Community Council. It is made up of federal, state, and municipal agencies, conservation organizations, and private individuals that have been meeting over the past few years to coordinate invasive species management on a watershed-wide basis. By working together to identify and control invasives, they strive to create more effective solutions through shared resources and information. Find out more from the CISMA website and the CISMA Informational Brochure (PDF).

Concord Fire Department

To acquire a burn permit from the fire department, view the Open Burning page.

Concord Composting Site

Residents can bring invasive plants to the Town Composting Site free of charge! Just bring your removed plants as they are to the Town Composting Site, and Public Works will dispose of them properly. The site is located at Walden Street (Route 126), just across Route 2, on the left before you reach Walden Pond. It is open for use every Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., learn more from the Yard Waste Recycling page.

Mistaken Identity Fact Sheet

Still not sure if its an invasive species or not? Use this helpful Mistaken Identity Fact Sheet (PDF) to determine just that.

Concord Invasive Species Flyers

View the Invasive Species Helpful Documents page to download flyers about the invasive species listed on this site.

Prohibited Plant List

In an effort to decrease the spread and possible introduction of invasive plants, Massachusetts passed the Prohibited Plants List. Effective since 2009, it is a ban on the trading, selling, and importing certain invasive plants. More information about the ban can be found on the Massachusetts Prohibited Plant List page.

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