Energy Resources for Business


Site Description
Energy Saver
How to save energy, links to Federal resources
Energy Star
How to cut energy bills, link to tax credits and deductions for energy-saving investments
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Energy efficiency and renewable energy information U.S. Department of Energy site where you can browse through grants available; tips on how to apply successfully


Site Description
Department of Energy Resources
Overview of all state energy programs; link on bottom of main page has good info on energy-related state (and federal) tax credits and incentives
Mass Save
Information on rebates for energy efficiency equipment offered by National Grid to businesses that heat with natural gas


Site Description
American Public Power Association
Information on energy issues and new technology; link to DEED program describes grants available to students for energy-related research and/or internships
Tax Incentives Assistance Project
User-friendly site designed to give consumers information they need to make use of the new federal income tax incentives for energy efficient products and technologies


Site Description
Steffes Information on electric thermal storage (ETS) heating at off-peak electric rate
Email Pamela Cady Personal advice and details on CMLP programs, rebates, and audits (walk-through and full-scale).