Middlesex School Success

A 17,000 square foot space in Middlesex School's Atkins Athletic Center serves as a tennis courts in summer and a hockey rink in winter. Middlesex School received a high efficiency lighting rebate from Concord Light when the school replaced sixty 1,000 watt metal halide lamps in the hockey/tennis area with high efficiency fluorescent fixtures that use one-third less energy. The reduction in lighting energy consumption will help the school achieve its goal of cutting its carbon footprint by at least 20%.
Further, the lighting upgrade will save Middlesex School over $6,000 per year in lighting costs alone. Because the higher efficiency lights emit less heat, the school will also spend less on electricity to run the compressors that keep the rink ice cold in the winter and less on air conditioning to keep the tennis court cool in the summer. Because fluorescent lamps have a longer lifetime than metal halides, staff will also spend less time replacing spent lamps.

Athletic Center staff appreciate the new lighting, which brightens instantly when turned on. In contrast, the old metal halide lamps took a full five minutes to reach full brightness. Further, once metal halide lamps are turned off, they must cool down for 5 to 10 minutes before they can be turned back on. Staff members are now more likely to save energy by turning the new fluorescent lights off when they're not needed, knowing they can turn them back on instantly if need be. Staff also welcomed the new fixtures because they produce more light than the old ones, even though they use less energy.

The high efficiency lighting benefits not only the school, but other CMLP customers as well. Energy efficient lighting reduces the high costs that CMLP incurs to supply electricity during times of peak use during the day, when business lighting is typically on. So, efficient lighting helps keep electricity prices low for everyone in Concord.

CMLP has funding available for lighting rebates, and can also provide technical assistance to businesses interested in upgrading to more efficient lighting. For more information visit the Commercial Lighting page to learn more about the high efficiency lighting program.