Municipal Light Plant

Reporting an Outage 

Electric outage or other utility emergency

978-318-3101 During Business Hours or

844-723-1287 (Toll Free)  After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays

For current outages, click link below:

CMLP's outage management system helps us restore power more quickly and provide more timely information to customers during emergencies.

You can also report an outage from your SmartHub account. If you haven't already signed up for SmartHub account or for more information, read more

NOTE: The outage web map is accessible from non-windows computers with Firefox, Chrome and on smart phones.

Storm Safety Tips for Downed Power Lines 

For important safety information including what to do in the case of a downed power line and how to prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane, read more


Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) is a municipal-owned, public power utility offering electric and broadband Internet service under the direction of the Town Manager. With approximately 110 miles of streets in the service territory, CMLP serves approximately 8,200 meters providing 170,000 Megawatt Hours (MWh) to 6898 residential, 1244 commercial, and 69 municipal customers.

Grid & Substations

CMLP maintains a grid that consists of a Town-owned distribution system with substations, power lines, light poles, and transformers. We operate two electric distribution substations. The substation at Forest Ridge is the primary substation which functions as a gateway for all electricity coming into Concord from NSTAR.